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Lulacruza invites all of our listeners and followers to host us for a unique performance experience at their own space.

what are private-public concerts?

The Private-Public Concerts (P/P Concerts) are Lulacruza performances held at small gatherings that are organized by people in their homes, community centers, art galleries, collective spaces, etc. You can request to host a concert through our website, and we will provide you with a tool kit to help you organize a unique concert in your community.

  • The concert needs to be open to the public.
  • The concert needs to have a minimum capacity of 25 people.
  • The hosts will work collaboratively with us to ensure the best possible concert experience (sound system, lighting, etc).
  • All concerts need to be verified and approved by Lulacruza.

“Influenced by Efterklang and Vincent Moon’s Private-Public Screenings, the P/P Concerts wish to create create a healthy, sustainable touring method, making a more direct link between the audience and the performer. It gives Lulacruza the opportunity to go to places ‘off the tour grid,’ reaching new audiences; while also providing some necessary tools for clusters of people to organize their own community events.

We want the audience and the performer to share equally as co-creators of the experience. We wish to connect with rural and urban micro-communities around the world, and share in a richer experience than the current possibilities of touring and performing allow for.” – Lulacruza


how do people attend ?

If you plan to host a concert in your home, you have full control over who shows up. Hosts can invite friends and general public to their concerts. If space permits, we encourage the host to welcome anyone who asks for an invitation (anybody can request to be invited through the Attend a Concert section.

However, if you only have room for 25 people and you already know who these 25 people will be, then you can mark your Private – Public Concert as already being fully booked when creating the event. You can also decide whether to make the address for the event visible or not.

sign up to host a private-public concert

If you represent a venue, festival or cultural institution and would like to host a Lulacruza concert, please contact esperandoeltsunami@gmail.com.


how does it work ?

After you fill out the Host a Concert form, and your event has been approved, you will receive a personal link to download an event toolkit. This download package will provide you with useful information to get your event off the ground, including: how to build collaborative volunteer groups; how to create a space that is inviting and appropriate for the event; how to satisfy the technical and logistical requirements of the event; how to promote your event; and how to fund-raise or sell tickets for the event.

Private-Public Concerts require bringing Lulacruza and our one-of-a-kind performance to your own space. This will involve travel, logistical and technical costs, but we are keeping these costs to a minimum, wishing to keep P/P Concerts accessible for everyone. Each concert will have a set price determined by regional currencies and values, travel distance and costs, venue size and the number of people that may attend, as well as the number of shows in nearby regions and locations.

Please understand that while Lulacruza would like to accept every offer for a Private-Public Concert, it will not always be possible for us to perform all of them. Factors like distance, timing and travel costs will determine where and when we will be able to perform.

Please keep in mind that it may take months to coordinate each concert. We encourage you to submit your proposal as early as possible to ensure the availability of your desired date.

If you represent a venue, festival or cultural institution and would like to host a Lulacruza concert, please contact esperandoeltsunami@gmail.com.

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